Juli-Aktion: AquaTru für Wasser- und Luft-Hepa-Filter

Der Wasserfilter ist um 171 EUR reduziert.


Der AirDoctor-Pro um 230 EUR

Lesen Sie hier auch die neuesten Erkenntisse zum Thema Covid-19 und Hepa-Filtern:

Quelle: ZDF-Online

Dear AquaTru follower,

While the Corona virus is rampant on several continents, the first wave in Europe appears to be contained. However, experts fear that we will experience a second wave when autumn will make its presence.

HEPA filter (present in the Air Doctor) makes the air almost completely virus-free and thus prevents the spread of the Corona virus via the air (Dutch Research Institute, TNO)

Today, a Dutch newspaper, de Volkskrant, reports that the air in airplanes can be made almost completely virus-free thanks to the HEPA filters in the ventilation systems. (Source: TNO, Roberto Traversari) This way the spread of the Corona virus through the air can be prevented.

In addition, studies of the Dutch Health Authority (RIVM, 2010) show that aerosols can be destroyed with an ionizer. Aerosols are the small droplets that are released from the mouth during talking, singing, running, etc. (Aerosols are the source of the spread of the Corona virus. That is why we have to wear masks in public transportation and why it is so important to keep 1.5 meters distance from each other)


The Air Doctor Pro is the NO1 air purifier in the US and has an Ultra HEPA filter ™, 

an ionizer and a carbon/VOC filter!

AirDoctor’s UltraHEPA ™ filter is even more effective than regular HEPA filters.

AquaTru’s mission is to contribute to the good health of its customers, with its products. A few months ago we introduced the Air Doctor Pro In Europe with a one-time pre-sale offer. Due to the great interest from our customers and the great importance of clean air, we offer our followers the opportunity to take advantage of the same unique offer again, with an additional €50,- EXTRA DISCOUNT.